National Symbols for the new Republic of South Sudan + New World Map

[Montréal, Québec, Canada 26°C] Although it is still July 8 in Montréal, 8 hours away in Eastern Africa it is already July 9: the day of the birth of the Republic of South Sudan. How does the new nation represent itself in national symbols? Below is the flag and an explanation of its design and colours. Scroll further down to read the lyrics and listen to a performance of the new republic’s national anthem (taken from the Government of South Sudan website.)


Republic of South Sudan National Symbols


(Official flag of the Republic of South Sudan)

Black represents the black African people of South Sudan. White represents Sudan peace for which many lives have been lost. Red represents the blood of the gallant freedom and justice fighters who have been lost in the many years of conflict. Green represents agricultural potential exemplified by the fertile soil and rich equatorial vegetation adorning the South Sudan countryside. Blue represents the River Nile, which is the main source of life not only in South Sudan but also in (north) Sudan and all the way to Egypt. The Star – represents unity of the states of South Sudan. The flag, therefore, signifies one nation of black Africans united in the struggle to perpetuate peace and prosperity for all the people of South Sudan.


The design consists of an African Fish Eagle standing against a shield and spears. The eagle is depicted as looking towards its left shoulder with wings outstretched and it holds in its claws a scroll bearing the name of the state.[3] The eagle signifies strength, resilience and vision with the shield and spears representing protection of the new state.



Oh God!

We praise and glorify you

For your grace on South Sudan

Land of great abundance

Uphold us united in peace and harmony


Oh motherland!

We rise raising flag with the guiding star

And sing songs of freedom with joy

For justice, liberty and prosperity

Shall forevermore reign


Oh great patriots!

Let us stand up in silence and respect

Saluting our martyrs whose blood

Cemented our national foundation

We vow to protect our nation


Oh God, bless South Sudan!


Audio recording of Republic of South Sudan national anthem:


New updated map of the world

(press play and zoom in to East African region)

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